Keypad Lock Installation

Upgrade Your Security With A Keypad Lock Control Installation

When it comes to controlled building access to your office, community or business property , the digital control keypad lock entry system is an excellent method for providing a higher level of security in a cost effective format. Because keypad lock entry and other key-less access control systems do not require traditional keys; lost, stolen or duplicated keys will not comprise the security of the system.

By issuing key codes rather than keys to family members, residents or employees; changes in access status of those groups can be done at the press of a button. Key codes can be added or deleted in minutes, thus avoiding the costly expense of re-keying entire buildings or communities. Individual key codes can also be customized for one-time use, giving you ultimate control over your home or business. For more information regarding a keypad lock installation at your business contact the commercial locksmiths at Alliance Locksmiths today.