Master Key System

Enjoy Easier Access & Security From A Master Key System

A master key system are a set of locks that are keyed so that they each may have an individual key, called a pass key, yet all are opened by an additional, special key called a master key. These locks would be described as keyed different and master keyed.

Within a master key system, groups of locks can be keyed alike, so that the same key operates all locks in the group, plus all locks in the group are operated by the master key. These locks would be described as keyed alike and master keyed.

Under the master, groups of locks can be keyed different, keyed to a sub-master, and keyed to the master. For example, you might have three buildings. Each building has six locks keyed differently and a sub-master key that operates all the locks within a single building. The master key opens all the locks in all three buildings, but the sub-master from one building will not open any lock in either of the other two buildings.

A grand master key might be necessary if a property manager is responsible for groups of buildings, for example. Each group of buildings would be under a separate master key; each building would have a sub-master key; and overall would be the grand master key that would open everything.

The way a master key system is laid out determines the ability that each individual key holder may have to operate any given lock. Therefore it is best to have a clear idea of who needs to get in where before you start. Contact Alliance Locksmiths today for service or an estimate.

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