What To Do If You're Locked Out

locked out of house

How To Deal With Being Locked Out

At some point everyone usually finds themselves on the wrong side of a locked door. Mistakes happen to all of us and it’s easy to forget your keys or misplace or lose them from time to time.

When you lock yourself out of your home, sometimes it’s just a minor annoyance that may cause you to be a few minutes behind schedule. A lockout can also become a serious emergency if there are children, pets, or elderly family members that require immediate care. If you happen to lose or lock your keys inside it’s important to remain calm. There are many options available to get back inside easily without damaging your property by breaking windows or doors. Read on for a few options to consider when trying to get back into your home safely.

Make Some Calls

We recommend entrusting a close friend, neighbor or family member with a spare key for situations just like this. Having a back up key with a trusted person nearby is a great backup plan. Just make sure the person you choose is responsible and likely to be around in the event of a lockout. When someone in your circle has a copy of your key you can easily call them and have them come and unlock the door. If you don’t have your phone either then you may need to ask a neighbor, local business owner or passerby if you can borrow theirs.

Get your Spare Key

A lot of people will also hide space keys in various spots around their property specifically for these situations. We do not recommend hiding keys in any obvious places like under door mats or potted plants near the door. Always find a safe less obvious solution for securing your keys outdoors.

Check all accessible access points

Sometimes you can get lucky and find that you left a window or side door open. Check to see if you are able to get in through one of them. Do not attempt to enter by breaking a window because you risk serious injury and damage to your home.
If you are able to get access to your tools or borrow from a neighbor you can also try removing the doorknob if there is no deadbolt. Look at the doorknob and see if there are screws. You may have to remove a plate that comes off with a screwdriver.

If All Else Fails all a licensed Lockout Locksmith

The trained emergency lockout locksmith professionals at Alliance Locksmiths will be immediately dispatched to your location in New York or Western Connecticut to help you. We have been successfully serving locked out clients with lockout services for decades! If you have an emergency we are here waiting to assist you 24 hours a day! To schedule immediate 24 hour emergency service in New York or Connecticut contact us at (877) 788-1414

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